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Pharmaceutical Drug Development

CAC America provides value-added drug development services fused with the information technology, working closely together with the highly specialized partners and our group companies, CAC Corporation and CAC Croit Corporation. Also, as a bridge connecting the US, Europe, Asia, and Japan, we support the globalization of drug development thoroughly.

Global Drug Development Support

The differences in pharmaceutical industry regulations and customs of the US/EU and Japan could be the bottleneck for the globalization. CAC America supports your global operation in collaboration with CAC Croit Corporation, our group company with broad business support experience in Japan. CAC Croit's pharmacovigilance service and regulatory operations service proudly take the lead in Japan and will be a great benefit to your globalization.

Original IT Solutions

Pharmacovigilance departments and Medical Affairs departments must check the important risk information of safety specification to consider safety measures. "Important Risk Visualizer®" (IRV) is our original IT tool visualizing those risk information as a list to grasp the status of safety measures comprehensively. CAC America adequately supports your activities based on the Risk Management Plan (RMP) through the implementation of the IRV.

Support for Expansion into Japan and Asia

CAC America organizes the extensive and experienced services of CAC group, from information technology to business operations, and offers one-stop service to customers who consider expanding or strengthening their business in Japan/Asia. We coordinate the services at your requests along with CAC Corporation / CAC Croit Corporation in Japan, and CAC Shanghai Corporation/GoldenTech Computer Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in China.

Important Risk Visualizer