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IT Infrastructure Solutions

Meeting our customer's needs for system build environment requires a combination of expertise and knowledge to estimate/acquire hardware, sufficient performance, selection of optimal communication services, infrastructure operation design, security measures, selection of the most updated services and TCO considerations.

CAC America executes a total coordination of these services, depending on customer's needs, and provide services through all phases: procurement, design, architecting, test, run and maintenance. Equally, we can provide technical services, including proposals for the most updated Cloud services, in order to ensure optimal application run environment.

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  • Hosting Services
  • OS Virtualization
  • Exchange Server Version up
  • Infrastructure Design & Building
  • Networking
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  • Infrastructure Maintenance
Our experts monitor the customer's infrastructure to help avoid failures and to respond quickly in case of failure, supporting for customer's system expansion/evolution with watertight organization system.

Global Service

CAC America provides global services in common global Active Directory and customer's database through our affiliate oversea companies.